Allen Ackerman


Allen’s engineering roots and immersion into New York City’s digital scene makes him one of the most connected recruiters in the business today. An entrepreneur at heart, Allen honed his skills as an independent software engineer where he created platforms for global companies including Goldman Sachs and Sony Music.

Having had his hand in digital recruiting since 1998, Allen possesses the rare insights of an entrepreneurial engineer who has launched successful startups himself. Prior to joining Magnet in 2011, Allen launched The Hire Syndicate, a global split recruiting website, and also founded A-List Placement. Throughout his career, Allen has placed key talent at companies including WeWork, Meetup and Condé Nast.

Allen’s background makes him invaluable to the growth-minded companies that retain Magnet. His core strategy has always been to embrace the ever-evolving new media landscape with innovation and amiability. His driving ethic is that no matter what products or services a company offers, its most important resource will always be its people.

Allen is a member of the lean start-up community, and is a regular on New York’s tech and digital scene. When he’s not recruiting CTO’s, Allen can be found traveling the globe, perfecting his photography, and cycling throughout New York City.


Ryan Brogan


Ryan is in his element within the community of executives, entrepreneurs and investors who are revolutionizing New York City’s business scene. His professional experience makes him the ideal recruiter for today when digital is defining the landscape and an entrepreneurial ethic is guiding the way.

Since 1999, Ryan has been recruiting for leading Media, Internet, Financial Services, Publishing and Advertising firms. Prior to founding Magnet Agency in 2008, Ryan held senior talent acquisition roles at both Viacom/MTV Networks and Time Warner’s Global Recruiting Division.

Ryan’s passion for recruiting continues to be strengthened by the successful ventures he has personally launched. These ventures include:

  • (an emerging art platform)
  • (sold in 2011)
  • Subtrak Records (a digital record label)

Ryan’s connection to the companies he works with comes naturally, as does his connection to New York’s business, cultural and philanthropic communities. He studied film at Columbia University in New York, and is a managing Partner of the Fine Art Gallery 323 East. Ryan is also actively involved in NY Cares, The Chelsea Art Foundation, Charity Water and the World Affairs Council.

An avid TEDster, Ryan is also a member of New York’s CORE: club, a diverse community of thought leaders and industry elite.