There is a digital revolution happening in New York City right now and talent is harder than ever to find. Magnet is the executive search firm at the center of it all.

You’re a startup on the brink of something big or a large organization ready for change—we get it.

We’re immersed in New York’s digital culture, connected to the top players and we know how to pick winners—we are proud to say we have a 100% success rate.

We will present 3-5 qualified candidates in 2 weeks.

We move faster than our competitors because our connections are deeper and we have an agile approach to every new search—from our initial research process to closing the deal.

If you’ve never considered Magnet’s retained search before, it’s time.

To uncover and vet candidates, we go to lengths your internal team or other search firms simply cannot. In contrast, Magnet is a retained search firm with unparalleled expertise in the digital universe. We represent your interests 100% and devote the time and attention required to find you the right person for the role.

The best people are not looking unless it’s with confidentiality.

With the phenomenal growth happening right here in New York City—the top executives are all employed. Candidates demand discretion. The only way they can be assured of confidentiality is by speaking to a search firm they trust. Magnet is that firm because we have longstanding relationships with industry leaders here and our fingers are on the pulse of New York’s digital universe.