Initial meeting (Discovery)

We’ll meet as soon as 24 hours after you contact us.

  • Define search requirements
  • Discuss profile of ideal candidate and target companies
  • Brief you on each step of our process
  • Get a sense of your company culture
  • Peace of mind of having a proven search strategy


Within a day, we deliver a proposal outlining success metrics, timeframe and projected costs.

  • Agreement on engagement terms
  • Aggressive and actionable project goals and timeframe
  • Complete understanding of target candidate profile
  • Finalize position description

Search Kickoff
(Research and Interview)

Let’s get started. We quickly identify, reach out and interview potential candidates. The fact that we have such an extensive network of trusted relationships within the community opens doors that help us quickly cut through the noise and identify and interview a long list of candidates. Our team draws on their years of expertise to analyze and interview every potential candidate.

  • Begin Magnet’s intensive research and interviewing process
  • Research and pursuing candidates at target companies
  • Development of an extended list of target candidates
  • A candidate pool of the best qualified (not most available)
  • Expansion of our list of target companies
  • Gather feedback and industry insights from the people we’ve talked to

Bi-Weekly Status Meetings

Results come quickly—and Magnet maintains the momentum until you’ve hired the ideal candidate for your position. Every two weeks, we provide detailed status reports with competitive market analysis—including valuable feedback from the candidate base about where your company sits within the market and community.

  • Meet with and report on a wide pool of candidates
  • Save you from wasting time on unqualified candidates
  • Present comprehensive list of companies we’re targeting
  • Extensive list of candidates we have qualified and are in process with
  • Arrange candidate interviews for you
  • Marketplace feedback on your company and position
  • Further sharpen our focus


Gut checks, industry charts and can be a good starting point, but they can also be divorced from reality. Your company and your position are utterly unique. Your candidate is one in 7 billion. And your budget is not infinite. We’ll use our qualitative research and intimate knowledge of the market to guide you to a compensation strategy that works.

  • Complete candidate interviews
  • Develop offer package
  • Complete reference verification
  • Extend offer (consult on negotiation, if necessary)
  • Confirm acceptance and start date